Frequently asked questions

We will search for Tweets that contain any of the specified words regardless of the order. Use a comma to separate words. Add a hyphen (-) next to a keyword to avoid Tweets with that keyword. Wrap your keyword with double quotes if you want Tweets that must have that keyword. Example: "Model", fitness, gym, -porn, -webcam
Bots have very low followers to following ratio. Influencers, on the other hand, have very high ratio. We recommend a range from 1 through 1K+. This is how we calculate follower ratio: Followers/Following. IE. 1000/500 = 2
Up to you, but it can be completly cleaned. You can set to always unfollow, mute and unlike accounts that we have followed on your behalf. It's completly automated and you can set it up when creating your twitter automation.
Yes you can! Target countries and/or langauges, up to you.
Anyone who wants to have their Twitter account on auto-pilot, driving leads, traffic and growth.
We are especially helpful for Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Musicians, Marketers & Artists.

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